Costa da Caparica Lisbon Portugal (2020)

Visit Costa da Caparica Lisbon Portugal (2020)

15 minutes! This is the time that separates the Lisboners from Costa da Caparica Lisbon Portugal!

This parish in the municipality of Almada, is located about 10 kilometres from Lisbon. It was elevated to a city in 2004. It is famous for its beautiful beaches that have been disappearing especially near the mouth of the river Tejo.

Many beaches are part of the Caparica coast. The most famous are: São João Beach, Praia Nova, Castelo Beach, Sereia Beach, CDS Beach and Telha Fountain. But the attractions of this city are not exhausted in its beautiful beaches. The protected landscape of Costa da Caparica’s Fossil Arriba is worth your visit.

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In 1770 the first fishermen from Ílhavo (a town near Aveiro) settled on the Caparica coast. They settled on a sand tongue between the ocean and the huge cliffs (70 to 100 meters) of the area. If you are interested in the history of the coast of Caparica follow until the end of the article.

The parish also has fishing districts (Cova do Vapor and Fonte da Telha) that keep their characteristics intact.

If you like to walk on the beach and if you have a particular interest in the fishermen’s quarters and their people, then you will love Costa da Caparica. In this case, be sure to also read our article about Figueira da Foz.

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Christ the King is the most emblematic monument on the south bank. It is a religious monument that represents the sacred heart of Jesus and is inspired by the famous Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro. It was inaugurated in 1959 and has an amazing height of 110 meters (!).

If you visit Costa da Caparica and Cristo Rei, be sure to climb to the top of this monument. From there, you will have a magnificent view over the 25 de Abril Bridge, the natural parks of Sintra-Cascais, Arrábida and, of course, the city of Lisbon! Not to be missed!