About Us

The Planet Portugal project is born out of love for Portugal. We often have to get away from the things and people we love most in order to truly understand the strength and intensity of the love that unites (or unites) us.

This is what happened to us and it took us 3 years living far away from Portugal to reconcile with it. And to understand that he is us and we are him.

Travelling is always a pleasure! But when we know the history of the place we are going to visit, then our tour gains another dimension of interest. This is precisely what we propose to do in this project. We don’t want to reduce our site to a set of photos, videos and travel recommendations. We want to give you a more complete view of the history, evolution and soul of the place.

What sets us apart from other projects
This is a long-term project. Made for love of Portugal and made for pure pleasure and curiosity for our country! It is a project that will always be evolving and that will last many and many years (as many as we last). It will be in permanent improvement and will bring you not only travel tips but also and above all the soul and history of the place.

Here you will also understand the history of the villages, towns or cities of Portugal. You will have a picture about its evolution in time and about the most relevant personalities who were born or lived there.

Here you will find photos of the present and the past, current videos made by drone. AND OF COURSE, ALL THE TIPS FOR THE JOURNEY YOU ARE PLANNING