This project was born out of love for Portugal! Sometimes we have to get away from what we love the most to understand the strength and intensity of the love that unites (or used to unite) us. That’s what happened to me. It took me 3 years of living away from Portugal to reconcile with it. And to understand that Portugal and I are one. Discovering my country was, is, and will continue to be an inner journey. It is to look at each city, each town, and each village and understand how we got here, where we are, and where we are going. It is to look at our people and discover myself. And understand me. Visiting and getting to know Portugal is also a space and a time for personal and individual reflection. A time I dedicate to discovering my country, revisiting its history, thinking about myself, and thinking about us, the Portuguese. An inner journey that I want to take. An inner journey I have to take.

Each travel plan contains a desire for the future (the same one that, by definition, never arrives). But each place I visit brings me closer to a past that time has closed. A desire for the future that takes me to a past that no longer returns and to those who live only in me: my grandparents, my uncles, some friends, some loves, and my father… Today they live only in my heart but accompany me every kilometer I travel. When I study, visit, and discover Portugal I think of them and understand better who they were and I can glimpse them wandering around Portugal in their time. The same country that is ours today. It’s mine and it’s yours. Traveling is a pleasure. Maybe one of the greatest we can experience. But when you know the history and soul of the place you are visiting, your trip takes on a whole new dimension! Throughout this project, we want to give you a complete overview of each place we visited in the hope of enriching your travels to the limit! Have a good trip!