LISBON, a city to visit! (2020)

The Portuguese culture and soul live in the streets of the capital of Portugal.
The city of Lisbon has everything you have been looking for for so long: a beautiful river, a clear sky, narrow streets, palaces, churches and castles, beautiful tiles, fresh fish, sun and beaches! The capital of Portugal is fantastic and every year there is more to do and enjoy!


The atmosphere is unique and it is something you have to feel to perfectly understand what we are describing.


The light of Lisbon is unique! The magnificent views over the city can be admired from different viewpoints while enjoying a glass of wine. The traditional cafés in the city center, the large squares, the Portuguese food, and the river Tagus are, among many others, some of the attractions of the city.


Visit the old and traditional districts of the city (Mouraria, Alfama and Ajuda) and talk with the Portuguese. Experience the sound of Fado coming from a bar or restaurant in Alfama. Try the food Lisbon has to offer you. Go to a market and smell the fresh fish and seafood. See some of the things you can’t miss in Lisbon:


The most monumental and historical area of Lisbon is Belém! It was from here that many of the great Portuguese explorers undertook their voyages of discovery:

  • Prince Henry the Navigator and the first overseas expedition to conquer Ceuta in Morocco.
  • Bartolomeu Dias to get around the Cape of Good Hope
  • Fernão de Magalhães’ first trips
  • Vasco da Gama to discover the sea route to India
  • Christopher Columbus stopped here on his return to Europe after discovering the New World.
belém lisbon portugal

Go to Belém by tram and visit the famous pastry shop of Pasteis de Belém where you will taste the delicious “pasteis de Belém”. The tram 15E runs 7km from the city center to Belém (and ends in Algés) and costs less than 3 euros.

But there are many more things you can’t miss in Belém:

  • Museum of Coaches
  • Jerónimos Monastery
  • Standard of discoveries
  • Tower of Belém
  • Botanical Garden

Others attractions that you can’t afford to miss:

  • National Coach Museum)
  • Palácio de Belém (the residence of the President of the Republic)
  • Maritime Museum
  • National Museum of Archaeology
  • Berardo Museum
  • CCB
  • Tropical Botanical Garden


Lisbon is bathed by the “Tagus River” but the beaches are just around the corner. It’s quick and easy to get to Costa da Caparica’s beaches by car. There you will find many surf schools and several instructors who will provide you with boards, wetsuits and advice to have this great experience!

surf in lisbon


Go to the Azulejo Museum, a place not far from Santa Apolónia train station. It’s a great place for tile lovers who should also visit the Hotel Palacio Belmonte or the Palacio del Ramalhete, places where the interior walls are tiled. You will also find many tiles in the areas of Alfama, Chiado and Cais do Sodré.

portuguese tiles


If you’re planning your trip to Lisbon don’t forget that you have to taste our traditional dishes and wine!


Salted cod is one of the most important ingredients of the Portuguese people. Known as a “faithful friend”, this codfish is not expensive and its taste is great. The Portuguese cook it in many different ways. There are many recipes to cook codfish. We are sure you will find at least one that you will love! Don’t leave Lisbon without trying the famous “Pasteis de Bacalhau”.


Every region in Portugal has its own bread and cheese. Queijo da Serra is probably the most famous and comes from Serra da Estrela, which is the highest mountain in Portugal and a great place to visit during winter. But we also have “Azeitão cheese”, the flavor is strong and it’s also one of the delicious things in Portuguese cuisine. Every restaurant in Lisbon serves a basket of bread and most people can’t resist them as a starter.


In Portugal, the sweets are incredible and not expensive. It is a legacy of the Arab occupation.
If you go for a walk to Lisbon or other cities in Portugal, you will see many cafés selling a diverse pastry.
If you’re going to Belém you can’t miss a pastry shop called “Pasteis de Belém”. Here you will try the best cream pastries in the world!


Portugal is also famous for its wines! Alentejo and the Douro region are becoming two of the best regions in the world for their fantastic wines. In Portugal, you will find magnificent wines: red, white, green (wine produced only in the north of Portugal) and rosé.


The capital of Portugal is blessed with a great and magnificent coastline! Lisbon is the only European capital located next to large and beautiful white sandy beaches.

The distance between these white beaches and the center of Portugal’s capital is only 15 minutes by train. Some of these beaches are known as perfect places for surfing and sports that need wind like Kitesurfing.
You will be surprised by the high number of beaches that are perfect for sunbathing and feeling the sun.

Here are our suggestions:

PORTINHO DA ARRÁBIDA (30 minutes from Lisbon)

Green water and calm. The perfect place to take a picture to show your friends.


Incredible! Access isn’t easy, but it’s worth the effort. You’ll be amazed at the beauty of this beach.


A long stretch of white sand with lots of sandy beaches, lots of space and lots of tranquilizers and bars. Praia do Castelo is one of the many places in Costa da Caparica that you have to visit no matter what. Filled with Portuguese and only a few tourists, it is a great place to experience the true Portuguese environment.


These beaches are located next to Lisbon and you can take the train from the city centre and enjoy the fantastic view of the Tagus and the Atlantic Ocean! On this fantastic beach you can also try surfing and kite surfing!


A little windy but beautiful, it’s perfect for kite and windsurfing. If you like surfing you will also love this place. Known worldwide for the waves.


Magnificent cliffs. A great solution if you like to swim or if you are looking for a place for a family lunch with friends and family. Besides, the coastline around Sesimbra is stunning and incredible.


The best waters in the Lisbon area. It has a fantastic and incredible view of the cliffs. You can’t miss this place!


A very popular place among young people who like surfing or sports.


Do you like to eat? Then Lisbon is the perfect place for you. In Lisbon there are different solutions at different prices.

Here are some suggestions:

O templo da comida na “Mouraria (The temple of food in “Mouraria)

It’s a very popular restaurant in Mouraria which is very busy during the summer. The tables are really nice and the place has some vegetarian options.
You can choose tapas and then share the dish with your friends. You can also buy a big dish just for you.
The menu is seasonal and the amount of food served is interesting. The price is cheap and with 20 euros per person you will find many options.

Cervejaria Ramiro (Ramiro Brewery)

This is an old restaurant with many locals. It is famous as the best place to eat seafood in the capital of Portugal. The place has gained popularity again and it is not easy to find a place. Lunch is a good option to avoid queues. The price is a bit more expensive but has a good quality/price ratio.


In Lisbon, you will see a mixture of the old and the new. History and modernity coexist in this city.
Finding accommodation in Lisbon can be a challenge (if you decide to live in Lisbon). If your goal is just to visit the city, then you have many and varied options.


How should you decide? A house, an apartment, a family home? Share with friends?
If you decide to live in an apartment shared with Portuguese people you will save money and have a genuine Portuguese experience.
This is your chance to live as a Portuguese citizen!
It’s a unique opportunity to improve your language skills and interact with locals.


Sharing a house is a more economical option. But if money is not a problem, you can live like a king and look for an apartment overlooking the River Tagus.
However, finding any accommodation at a distance can be difficult. Don’t forget to check everything (photos, reviews). Don’t forget to check all the documents you have to bring with you.
And don’t forget to bring only what you need – the less you bring, the more you can take back.


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